BSDCan 2023 Devsummit

At the BSDCan DevSummit I enjoyed multiple talks, included the Have, Need, Want and Axe Session. I started thinking about what items I could work on.

One of the ideas that came out of the Documentation BoF is cleaing up the homepage to make it clearer which version we preferred people use versus the older, but still supported versions. At Benedict’s suggestions, I opened a review: D40164

I atteneded Charlie Li’s (vishwin@) session about Python packaging and the new PEP-517 tooling. He told me that there is already PEP-517 support in the tree that I was not aware of, so I need to work on adding that to The FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook.

Out of the Have/Needs/Wants session, I volunteered to help with Brook’s request ot streamline bsdinstall when we only have a single disk.